Formaldehyde spill in Houston quickly contained

On Monday, December 19, 2011, a chemical spill at St. Joseph Medical Center in downtown Houston, Texas, affected three workers. While the spill had been contained by mid-afternoon, a few employees were directly exposed to one half gallon of formaldehyde. Fortunately, they were not injured.

The spill, which was discovered inside a medical closet, had the potential of harming those who came in contact with the solution. The Houston Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team rushed to aid the facility and quickly remedied the situation before more workers or patients came into contact with the caustic spill.

In situations where chemical solutions leak inside public facilities, a quick and effective containment is vital. XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent is a useful aid for these situations, as the absorbent 2-liter bag neutralizes and absorbs most organic and inorganic spills.

XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent is a non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-leaching aid that helps officials keep their facilities in proper order even when faced with a chemical spill, like the one seen in downtown Houston. When it comes to keeping patients safe, the proper equipment is an important part of any hospital supply cabinet. 

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