Fresno fire officials respond to chemical spill at anodizing company

The Fresno Fire Department provided environmental cleanup assistance during a chemical spill at a local anodizing company on March 28, 2012, according to ABC30 Fresno. The incident occurred around 3 a.m. after a heater caused several chemicals to become volatile. Fire officials visited the scene after fire sprinkler alarms sounded.

The news source reports Hazmat teams worked with the fire department to ensure cleanup efficiency. No injuries were reported from the incident.

Local officials will take preventative measures to ensure the safety of people and property following a chemical spill. Sending fire officials and hazmat crews to a scene can help eliminate these risks, but providing workers with the tools necessary to be successful remains an important part of a chemical leak cleanup. FiberLink Universal Absorbent Pads can play a significant role in cleanup efforts because they can absorb lightweight, medium-weight and heavyweight chemical spills.

Oil- and water-based leaks can be soaked up quickly and effectively using these pads. The product offers absorbency and durability to handle even the toughest spills. The pads remove all liquids and fiber residue to keep work areas safe, and are bonded for extra strength. 

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