From Solvent to Sorbent

In their book, The Plateau Effect, journalist Bob Sullivan and computer science professor Hugh Thompson demonstrate in humorous, straightforward language how to move “from stuck to success.” Then they summarize the entire 250-page treatise in a 5-page “CliffsNotes” version, in which each element that creates a halt is paired with its universal solvent.

Impact Absorbents knows something about being stuck, and about solvents. Notice how this word contains “solve”? Solvents may solve some issues, but they can create others. That’s when solvents require sorbents.

For instance, say you’ve been sprucing up your business for fall, painting the walls a lovely warm yellow, and you’ve spilled some paint thinner. That’s a solvent in need of a quick solution. Rock Solid to the rescue! XSORB’s Rock Solid Paint Hardener solves the spill by turning liquids into solids for easy spill clean up. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, it’s a little like magic for safe spill clean up and disposal that doesn’t harm the environment or the person using the product.

Or perhaps you need a solution for the solvents that unintentionally find their way onto your auto shop floor. XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent instantly neutralizes and absorbs most organic and inorganic caustics spills safely and effectively. Then all you need to do is sweep up the spill and dispose of it. Non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-leaching, XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent meets government regulations for landfill disposal.

“Solvent” also means to be financially sound, which is what Impact Absorbents helps you become, by spending less time and fewer resources on spill containment and spill clean up not to mention potential slip-and-fall claims and more time and energy on productively building your business. We may not be able to help you out of every plateau (you’ll need to read Sullivan’s and Thompson’s book for that) but we can certainly resolve your solvent needs with absorbents that sort out the problem and resolve it.

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