Frozen chemical leak could cause cancer if not properly contained

A chemical spill in northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, could cause cancer in those who unknowingly inhale the surrounding dust particles. Firefighters and police responded to the spill immediately, as chromium was found to be frozen behind a soon-to-be-shuttered metal finishing company.

The company, which has been around for 92 years, is set to close in a few days after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The chromium found is believed to have come from contaminated soil well beneath the building, which could have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

The company is unsure about how it will pay for an environmental cleanup of this caliber, as it is already deep into debt. The town may need to step in and remedy the situation before the chromium melts and begins to seep into water supplies or contaminates wildlife.

Officials who are assigned to the cleanup task could use a 20 Gallon Lab Pack with Plastic Band to contain the spill. Since the solution is frozen, users can easily break up the leak, lift the remains into spill kits and properly dispose of the chemicals before more damage is inflicted to the surrounding communities. 

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