Gettin’ Your Move On

Where can you go to escape a global pandemic? While the answer seems likely to be, “another planet,” plenty of people are moving around on Earth’s chessboard in an effort to find a more user-friendly environment. U-Hauls, RVs, and travel trailers with license plates from all over the country are on the move, seeking, if not greener pastures, at least ones where the COVID numbers are lower than where they left.

They may have lost their jobs, had to close a business, or just feel it’s time to regroup, like the young family that was looking to purchase a home in southern California pre-pandemic, and instead opted to drive cross-country and move in with the wife’s parents in a tiny coastal town in Maine.

No doubt about it, this is a messy time, wherever you work or dwell. If you’re planning to relocate this month, or just taking a road trip, you’ll want to keep that RV/truckbed/trailer or other vehicle as clean as possible, especially if it’s filled with precious cargo (besides the people, that is).

We’re got you. Impact Absorbents provides a plethora of spill clean up and spill containment solutions, whether you’re on the move across the country or across town — or just down the hall to the conference room, for businesses that are open, social distanced, and masked.

One of our favorite spill clean up solutions that meets so many needs is the XSORB Spill Station with Super Squeeper. Custom-made to hold our granular XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent, this Spill Station will leave your floors clean, dry and residue free in a matter of minutes. 

All clean up items are easily accessible, and in addition to vanquishing the spill, if you’re using it in a work environment such as a grocery or retail store, you’ll: 

  • Reduce slip and fall injuries.
  • Cut labor costs up to 70%.
  • Open aisles in record time.
  • Stay safe thanks to our non-toxic ingredients.


Moving can be a challenge at any time, and never more so than in 2020, when we must wear a face mask to stay safe outside the home. If you’re on the move, keep the Impact Absorbents products that best suit your situation on hand. They’ll help keep your environment cleaner and friendlier, wherever you go.



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