Getting in Shape for the New Year

Most people love to make resolutions at the start of a new year; far fewer fulfill them. One of the most perennial is the commitment to get in better shape. We purchase the health club memberships (well… maybe not this year, until pandemic restrictions abate, but you get the idea), promise ourselves we’ll work out every day, or maybe 4x/week, and after a few weeks or so, our exercise enthusiasm w-a-n-e-s.

While we can’t help you with those personal fitness goals, we can help you get your business in shape, with superior spill clean up solutions. For instance:

In mid-winter, XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent is an excellent emergency response product that will enable you to sweep away spills and keep surfaces clean and dry, even in windy conditions. Of course, like all Impact Absorbents offerings it’s environmentally friendly, so your business can maintain a small footprint while saving time, labor and money. 

Need to stay in shape on the road? Our Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Desiccant Breather removes moisture, dirt particles and other contaminants, preventing corrosion and chemical reactions by cleaning and drying the air entering the tanks. The result? Greatly reduced maintenance costs, so your bank account gets less of a workout while your truck keeps humming along.

So while the shape you’re in is a matter of will power (and personal preference), attention to the shape your business is in can translate into a more streamlined, cost-effective venture that helps keep the balance sheet healthy. And that’s a fitness routine you’ll be able to maintain effortlessly, with a little help from Impact Absorbents.


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