Going Oil-In

It’s happened again. Early last month, a pipeline in Huntington Beach, California sustained a lateral gash, and oil came gushing into Orange County waters, closing beaches and requiring a total of seven aircraft, 11 boats and more than 320 people to support the spill clean up efforts.

An astonishing 11,360 feet of boom was deployed to recover 4,788 gallons of oil. Yet local marshlands experienced serious impacts due to the oil spill. Booms were in place weeks after the spill to keep additional oil out of the wetlands, and aerators were installed to supplement oxygen due to the lack of water flow from the ocean.

Our sympathies are with the residents of Orange County, and anywhere oil spills occur. At Impact Absorbents, spill clean up is all we do, and we do it well. Especially when the spill is oil related.

For instance, our XSORB Oil Select Absorbent will absorb all petroleum-based products in industrial or marine environments, including waterways, holding ponds, contaminated barrels, sumps, and more, leaving only clean water behind. It’s safe, eco-friendly, non-leaching, and permanently traps chemicals. What’s more, XSORB Oil Select is one of many Impact Absorbents products that have received Ecologo certification from UL, meaning the product has demonstrated top overall environmental market performance.

If you need an entire oil spill kit, we offer a wide range of oil-only spill kit solutions from five to 95 gallons.

You can also purchase specific oil clean up products separately, including Oil Absorbent Pads, Rolls, Socks, Booms, and Pillows.

So while we hope you never experience an oil spill emergency where you live or work, it pays to be prepared, particularly if you work in or near a marine environment. Spill Hero is here, and ready to help. You might say we’re oil-in.



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