Going to the Dogs

It’s not just people who are thrilled beyond measure to be footloose and fancy-free (read: outside) again. After being cooped up with their human companions except for twice-daily walks, or consigned to a fenced yard to do their business, canines everywhere are so excited to be spending extended time outdoors that they may just lose it on occasion. In the house or office. 

Yep. You know what that means. Spill clean up. Because everything leaks from time to time: water jugs, sensitive secret documents, human bladders, and dogs.

That’s life. And that’s why we created XSORB Pet Accident Clean Up, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula that will dispatch urine, loose stools, blood, vomit, saliva. Our one-minute dry spill clean up means your pooch need never be in the doghouse for making a mess, because by the time he or she has slunk away, tail between legs, the accident will be history.

Fortunately, our furry friends tend to have short memories for such unpleasant experiences. If you toss a ball or hold up a biscuit treat, we bet your sweet dog will have already forgotten the spill clean up incident.

With Impact Absorbents, it’s safe to say every dog has its day every day, because our spill clean up solutions keep spill clean up from going to the dogs.



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