Grocery Robot: Glimpse into the Future

AIisn’t just the wave of the future: it’s also our present. We’re automating some jobs right out of existence:

True, shelf-scanning and payment processing may not be the most interesting jobs in the world. We get that. But how is replacing all these humans with robots going to play when it comes to spill clean up?

“Bot to Aisle 5!”

Slip and fall accidents in supermarkets and retail locations are the number one cause of both employee and visitor injuries. Stores must prove that they exercise reasonable care to keep their floors clean.

A spill program customized for your locations can help you meet the challenge. XSORB spill programs are cost-effective and provide all the tools and training employees need to anticipate and respond to spill emergencies.

And if those “employees” are bots?

What Happens When a Spill Occurs

Can you picture a robot recognizing the need for spill containment and rushing to the spill clean up scene, toting an XSORB Spill Station? How will an armless bot carry the spill clean up products necessary?

Even if Walmart or another retail establishment uses robots equipped to carry what’s needed, will the bot be as responsive as a human employee? Will it feel that same sense of urgency and responsibility?

We know automation’s here to stay, and is improving both business and personal lives in myriad ways. When it comes to spill containment and spill clean up, however, we hope businesses in all fields will keep people around a while longer. We can be useful.

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