Has Spring Sprung A Leak?

It’s spring, and while the horrific floods of a few months ago have fortunately receded, there’s a lot of excess water around. And it’s still raining in various parts of the country. It seems safe to say this is going to be a leaky season. When Mother Nature’s in charge, all we can do is prepare for the weather as best we’re able.

When other kinds of leaks are involved, however, Impact Absorbents can help. For instance, if you’re a long-haul trucker transporting perishables or other essential products across the country, you don’t want to spring a leak.

That’s where Plug ‘n Dike comes in. Our Plug ‘n Dike Premix Pattie seals off fuels, solvents, and many other chemicals by immediately sticking to most surfaces. As the name implies, this putty “burger” sticks to any surface to immediately seal off a leak — even if it’s on a dirty, dented or greasy underside of your rig. No surface prep needed, and Plug ‘n Dike is both non-flammable and non-toxic.  

Then, when you get to your stopping point for the night, you can pull out the portable Spill Berm stowed behind your truck seat and repair the leak properly. These portable basins, which can be prefitted with a disposable absorbent pad, catch liquid from an unexpected hydraulic leak for safe, quick spill containment.

The durable polymer material construction has a special coating that can withstand a huge temperature range, from minus 65º F to 130ºF, making it ideal for travel conditions from Maine to Mississippi, or any point between and beyond. Spill berms come in a variety of sizes, enabling you to contain anywhere from 15 to 94 gallons of contaminated material.

Nature is wild in the winter and spring months (and sometimes in summer and autumn, too), and we’re all along for the ride. But when your ride is the one in question, be sure you pack smart spill containment and spill clean up solutions, and leaks will never take you for a ride.

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