Hazmat team handles cleanup efforts after Texas chemical spill

Fire officials responded quickly to a chemical spill at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, Texas, on March 16, 2012. The leak resulted in no injuries and did not threaten hospital staff members or residents, according to WTXS-TV.

The Abilene Fire Department began environmental cleanup after completing an air quality inspection at the facility. The incident occurred when maintenance workers completing pipe repairs spilled Xylene, a chemical that can cause eye irritation. However, the spill only affected the hospital’s ventilation system, sending an odor throughout the facility. Hospital maintenance staff left the area as a precaution, the news source reports.

A minor chemical spill can create a lot of work for hospital officials. Personnel may face concerns from medical professionals and patients, and evacuations can lead to emergencies that can increase workloads. Thankfully, staff can use safety products such as the XSORB acid neutralizing absorbent to limit a spill’s impact.

The absorbent provides hospital personnel an effective and efficient response to a chemical leak. People can use the product to simply sweep up a spill and dispose of it naturally due to the item’s eco-friendly formula. Using the absorbent allows hospital officials to soak up 1.5 quarts, and the product’s non-toxic formula gives people the opportunity to dispose of the solution in landfills. 

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