Hazmat team responds to chemical spill at Texas Tech

A Lubbock, Texas Fire Department hazmat team was called in recently after a chemical explosion in a laboratory at Texas Tech University’s Chemistry Building, reports the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

According to the news source, Battalion Chief Kelly Morman indicated that there had been a small explosion that triggered the release of a combination of chemicals including nitric acid. The incident occurred on the third floor of the chemistry building.

No one was injured or treated for injuries as a result of the chemical spill, but officials did evacuate a number of students and staff members to a sidewalk across the street, the news provider said.

“We hope to have a better understanding of what the cause of the explosion was some time early next week,” Taylor Eighmy, the university’s vice president of research, told the Avalanche-Journal.

The chemistry building was reportedly reopened a few hours after the incident, but the specific laboratory remained sealed off.

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