Hip to Be Square: Spill Berms

When Huey Lewis sang, “It’s hip to be square,” he didn’t mention rectangles. That’s okay, since geometry is few people’s strong suit. However, here at Impact Absorbents it’s hip to be rectangular, especially if you’re a spill berm. Though they could be distant cousins to TV trays, our spill berms are designed for much stronger spill containment than coffee or guacamole.

Our berms aren’t made of rammed earth, either. While those are useful in home construction, a spill berm needs to not simply stop a spill but quarantine it. Enter Impact Absorbents spill berms: rugged, durable, and built to withstand the unexpected a lot like the truckers who frequently use them.

Heavy-duty polymer construction means these spill berms are in it for the long haul with you, whether you’re crossing the frigid Midwest in February or cruising through cookin’ San Diego in August. Our portable containment units can stand up to it all, including hot oil, brake fluid, diesel, gasoline, coolants and acids.

And just like the resilient truckers who rely on them, our spill berms are flexible: they can be prefitted with a disposable absorbent pad to catch liquid from an unexpected hydraulic leak for fast, safe, spill containment. (Be sure to dispose of used absorbent pads according to local regulations.) Wipe the berm dry, refold, and stow it away for re-use. You can order spill berms in 15, 34, 60 and 94-gallon sizes.

So even if the last time you thought about geometry was in high school, you’re still a math whiz with Impact Absorbents spill berms, a product that adds up to efficient spill containment and multiplies your effectiveness on the job.

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