Hospitals: Keeping You Safe Behind the Scenes

There are some businesses that everyone appreciates, but nobody wants to use. Yet they stay in business because people require their services regularly even if it’s not by choice.

Tow trucks, for instance. You may be frustrated as all get out when your car breaks down en route to that important client meeting. However, while you’re not at all happy about the problem, you’re very happy your local towing service can send out a truck to tow you in for repairs ASAP. That’s the oxymoronic nature of having a business that’s necessary, but not sought.

Such as hospitals. They’re essential, and if you’re about to give birth, visiting one is a happy occasion. But the majority of hospital visits aren’t fun. So when a parent rushes in with a child who just jumped out of a tree and broke his arm, or the rollerblader who’s never had an accident runs out of luck, they’re very glad the hospital is there to help, even if they would rather be anywhere else.

While the medical team attends to these mishaps and other health challenges, another team is operating behind the scenes, maintaining the hospital’s gleaming floors, clean cafeteria, and well-stocked supply rooms. Here’s to maintenance, the unsung heroes of every hospital. And we make sure they have the products they need to keep the hospital safe and sparkling.

One of the best all-around spill clean up vehicles for hospitals? Aspill kit. Impact Absorbents has developed 64 different spill kit combinations to meet every imaginable hospital need. Here are just a few to consider:

  • FiberLink Hazmat Economy Spill Kit. This is the kit paramedics want in the ambulance: it contains everything necessary toclean up a hazardous spill on the spot, easily, effectively and economically. Designed to fit under orbehind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state laws.
  • XSORB Acid Neutralizer 6.5 gallon Spill Kit. At the hospital, the XSORB Acid Neutralizer is one excellent, OSHA-approved resource to effectively absorb and neutralize spills. Includes the protective gear necessary to get the job done safely and efficiently: chemical protective gloves, PVC accord-resistant apron, face shield, dust mask.
  • XSORB Universal Safety Spill Center Double Pack.The safe and easy-to-use XSORB Universal Safety Spill Center contains everything a hospital maintenance crew could possibly need to respond to spills. Its high visibility, wall-mountable rack makes supplies easy to locate, decreasing response time.

So even though a hospital isn’t the average person’s happy place, people are happy to have one available when the need arises. The maintenance team is happy to keep patients, visitors and staff safe behind the scenes. And we’re happy to be able to help.

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