Hotter Than July

It’s hotter than July, as Stevie Wonder once titled an album, and no wonder: climate change is pushing temperatures to triple digits in areas that rarely experienced such extremes in the past. All the more reason to keep cool where spill clean up is concerned.

In the transportation industry, especially, solvents can turn nasty in the heat. Oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolants they’re enough of a challenge to clean up when spilled in “normal” weather. When they’re about to bake into asphalt or concrete, prompt, efficient spill clean up is more crucial than ever.

Fret not: Impact Absorbents is on the job for you, and with you. From roadway to repair shop, we’ll keep your rig in shape with spill containment and spill clean up products such as XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose, XSORB Edge Aggressive, FiberDuck Oil-Only poly sorbents, ColdForm oil-only pads and recycled pads, and numerousspill kits.

Let’s say you’re inspecting some machinery and find a hydraulic fluid leak. Once you’ve pulled the machine for repair, pull out the XSORB Edge Aggressive, which lifts out the toughest spills fast, so you can easily scrub away synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids and fuel spills. The asphalt or concrete surface will be clean and dry in a jiffy.

Or suppose you’re a contractor on a building site. Did some oil leach into the man-made pond near the celebrity home where your backhoe is hard at work, preparing the land for tennis courts? No worries. FiberDuck Bonded Oil Absorbent Roll is made for such mishaps: its construction provides extra absorbency, making it ideal for spills on water or land. While floating, our oil-only polypropylene absorbs all petroleum-based liquids, without absorbing a drop of water.

Keep the appropriate Impact Absorbents spill products handy, especially when it’s really hot outside. Yes, spills happen. But with the XSORB family of spill clean up solutions at the ready, no one need ever know


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