House Sale Spruce Up

Thinking about putting your home on the market this spring? If so, you’ll want to put its “best face forward” to attract potential buyers. And that probably means a paint job.

In your enthusiasm, however, you overestimated how much paint you’d need. Now that the house has a beautiful new coat of paint (making you think twice about moving, perhaps) what are you going to do with the extra paint? Normally you’d just store it in the garage, but that won’t wash (pun intended) if you’re preparing to pack everything for departure. It’s no time to risk a spill clean up emergency, with open paint sloshing all over your belongings.

The solution? XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener. Rock Solid is the simplest solution for quick, easy, environmentally safe disposal of extra paint. Just add Rock Solid to paint, shake or stir, and watch the paint thicken into a disposable solid within minutes. If only readying the house for sale was this quick and “paintless”! Rock Solid:

  • Works with all water-, latex-, and oil-based paint
  • Will harden up to 25 gallons of water-based paint (4-gallon pail)
  • Decreases disposal costs
  • Is non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Can be used on spills, too.

Good luck with all the packing, and relocating. We’re glad Impact Absorbents could do our small part in helping to keep your move safe from unexpected spill clean up issues.

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