How Do You Spell Emergency?

The recent California wildfires have made everyone rethink emergency preparedness. While a catastrophe of this magnitude required assistance from all over the West and beyond, potentially hazardous situations happen on a smaller scale every day. Which is why it pays to be prepared especially if you’re a small business owner.

Over the past 25 years, Impact Absorbents has created more than 500 spill clean up and spill containment products to address a wide range of needs. In a hazardous situation, we recommend, first, donning protective gear to keep your face and hands safe from dangerous materials. (In a fire, obviously, the first step is to keep your head and direct everyone to evacuate immediately!)

The hazard may not be fire and smoke, however. Blood and body fluids arebiohazard spillsthat require special handling as potentially infectious waste. Pesticides, chlorine, and antifreeze are some common poisons. Transfer chemicals and contaminated water are dangerous liquids that must be solidified prior to proper disposal. Even something as seemingly innocuous as paint requires solidification prior to landfill disposal.

XSORB is on it. Our Super Absorbents have been proven effective in solidifying hazardous liquids and wastes. XSORB Acid Neutralizing Absorbent and XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent neutralize and absorb common acids and caustics. FiberLink Hazmat Yellow Universal Heavyweight Pads make the grade when visibility counts, and our convenient wall dispenser means you can place the pads where they’ll be indispensable in a moment of need.

FiberLink Yellow Universal Absorbent Handy Socks fill the bill when you need a highly visible barrier that molds easily around machinery and corners to catch drips, leaks and seepage. And, of course, we have Spill Kits of every size and description and will happily customize an order if your requirements fall outside these parameters.

If there’s one lesson we all learned from the fires, it’s that emergency is spelled p-r-e-p-a-r-e-d.


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