How (Not) to Become a Drain Surgeon

If you blanch at the thought of blood and never considered going to medical school, you can still become a surgeon of sorts: a drain surgeon rather than a brain surgeon. But we don’t recommend it.

See, a drain surgeon is someone who has to dig deep into a stopped up drain, either at your place of business or, worse, at curbside, where chemicals, silt, and other debris can create clogs that can harm our waterways — and lead to fines as well. 

Clearly, drain surgeon is not a sought-after profession.

Ecologically friendly spill containment, however, is a highly acclaimed 21st century role. While you may not earn a degree in it (yet), your fellow business owners, your employees, and surrounding community will all be grateful that you observe these spill clean up best practices. 

To avoid drain surgery, be sure to stock up on our Reversible DrainProtector II Safety Seal. Lightweight and easy to use, DrainProtector II forms a tight seal to block out liquids. Constructed of solid polyurethane, the seals are tacky on both sides, enabling you to use either side. After use, simply wash the DrainProtector II, replace the plastic film, roll it onto, and return the tube to the container. DrainProtector II is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, none of which should ever enter your drains.

You can also invest in some of our Fiberlink Universal Absorbent Socks, which block running liquids from drains and other sensitive areas, such as walkways. Their polypropylene skin is chemical- and tear resistant even when fully saturated. Fiberlink Socks will rapidly absorb and retain oils, coolants, solvents — any spill or leak — before it can do damage.

So don’t wait to become a drain surgeon. Just take a short course in smart spill solutions from Impact Absorbents. We wrote the book on spill clean up and spill containment. And while we can’t award you a degree for using these spill clean up solutions, everyone you interact with will give you high marks for spill savvy. It’s like a diploma of your peers.

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