How one simple mistake…..

My story starts out when I decided to top off the oil in my wife’s car. I checked to verify if the oil was low in the car and determined that it may need about a 1/2 quart which I poured in the engine and then placed the recapped bottle on the floor in the hatchback area of the car. Several days later my wife noticed that I had not quite tightened the cap thoroughly and the bottle had fallen and the remaining oil had spilled all over the place. I was asked if we had anything to clean it with, so I quickly grabbed a bottle of simple green and some of the XSORB Universal Absorbent. I liberally sprayed the oil spot on the car carpeting with the degreaser and applied a very generous amount of XSORB; I figured if I completely covered the oil spots and put way more absorbent than necessary she would calm down a little. I decided to let it sit for a little while to soak everything up and I would work it in and sweep it out later. Well I got sidetracked and forgot all about it. The next morning my wife took the car to run a few errands and when driving on the freeway she opened the car windows. Because the XSORB Universal product is light weight and is primarily meant for indoor use it will certainly blow around in a 60-plus mile an hour wind……. Well needless to say it blew all over her and the car; she was a little angry. I spent the next several hours giving the car a good thorough vacuuming and the rest of the day in the dog house. Well I am still alive to tell this story so you can assume that the absorbent worked perfectly and saved my life that day.

Impact Absorbents, Inc. makes several types of XSORB Super Absorbent products. Absorbents that are heavy weight and made for outdoor and windy locations, others that neutralize acids or caustic liquids, and in the case of our flagship product XSORB Universal, a lighter weight absorbent that is made for Indoor applications.

So no matter where you find a mess (or make a mess) you can always have the right Xsorb for the job.

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