How to Avoid “Drain Surgery”

In the field of erosion control, “silt” is a four-letter word. If you’re trying to protect drains from runoff as well as minimize erosion, you’ll want to have silt fencing front and center in your spcc plan. Silt fence fabric offers a unique blend of UV resistance, strength, and hydraulic properties that makes it ideal for use in sediment control applications. The fencing, staked every ten feet, easily separates suspended soil particles from water and prevents environmental damage to areas adjacent to construction sites. Every municipality ought to have some on hand, or on order, with spring rains and snow melt on the way.

Another smart way to keep soil in its place and sediment to a minimum involves rice: not on your dinner plate, but on grassy slopes. Our one hundred percent certified California Rice Straw Wattles use high-density polyethylene and ethyl vinyl acetate netting with UV inhibitors. It’s precisely what you need to protect against erosion and runoff.

Of course, you’ll also want to get up close and personal with the drains in question and provide premium protection with our Ultra DrainGuard Ultimate, a catch basin insert that acts like a quarterback, blocking storm water pollution and removing waste before it can become a problem. Ultra DrainGuard is clearly a winner in any spill containment or erosion control plan.

If you don’t want your name to be mud, take a leaf from Impact Absorbents and get your erosion control supplies now. If you do, you’ll be able to tell your customers with confidence, “This is a simple matter to fix. It’s not drain surgery!”

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