How to Avoid Falling Off A Ladder

Driving to work this morning, we heard a scary statistic on the radio: 1 in 6 people are badly injured when they fall off a ladder while cleaning out their rain gutters.

We have a suggestion: don’t climb that ladder to start with. If you’re going to clean your rain gutters of debris after a wild and wet winter, hire a home services professional. Better still, protect your gutters at the start.

Impact Absorbents can help with the latter (not ladder) issue for municipalities, with Ultra GutterGuard. Gutter and drain protection should be part of your SPCC plan, and Ultra GutterGuard is the ideal resource: an easy, affordable, Best Management Practice (BMP) for protecting curb inlets during construction and the wet season. Made of a synthetic filter manufactured from recycled fibers, GutterGuard is designed to filter stormwater before it enters curb inlets. It’s available in various lengths, and should be ordered two feet longer than the curb opening.

Ultra DrainGuard Ultimate is a companion product to keep sediment and other pollutants from entering the water system. Ultra DrainGuard removes waste from stormwater before it can become a problem in the water system, exceeding 80 percent sediment removal efficiency.

So no matter what the season or reason, leave the home ladder climbing to trained professionals. Then you’ll be in good shape to order Impact Absorbents gutter protection for your community.

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