How to Be a Better Boss in 2015

Every business owner knows that employees appreciate a raise. But place a “p” in front of that word, and many managers become phobic to an amusing degree: praise my people? Shouldn’t they be glad they have a job? Doesn’t the money say it all?

Well, no.

Employees are only human, and recognizing a job well done can enhance performance and thus your bottom line. So if you think a salary is sufficient, you might take these employee recognition myths to heart and start thinking about how you can show appreciation for a job well done.

  • A swelled head. Business owners may believe that if they recognize one team member, or even an entire team, their people will become boastful or lazy. Not so. Being reluctant to recognize work well done is like not clapping at a concert or ballgame because the musician or athlete is just doing their job. Imagine that your industrial crew donned Tyvek Deluxe Front Entry Suits and other protective gear to handle an industrial spill containment emergency. Their preparedness probably saved not only lives, but money and inventory. So celebrate their quick response with the public thanks they deserve.
  • An average Joe or Jane. Recognize those who try harder. Not everyone is Nobel Prize material, yet they’re still fine performers. Instead of reserving recognition for the outstanding, great managers watch for opportunities to reward employees who do something right. In most cases, this extra attention from the boss spurs them on to even greater dedication. It can also promote teamwork.
  • Same old, same old. Employees have seen enough paperweights and plaques. Ask them what would be motivating as a reward: maybe a new smartphone, tickets to a sporting event, or dinner at a renowned local restaurant. Make the recognition extra special with creative, possibly humorous presentation: the company founder wearing sleek safety specs like a film star for spill clean up as she presents the awards.
  • Late for a very important date. Feel like the Mad Hatter, too busy to get everything done? Allocate time to recognition activities as you would to any other important agenda item. You could set up an app on your smartphone or other mobile device to remind you that recognizing your team members is an ongoing priority.


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