How to Create a Healthier Home in the Year Ahead

You might think your home is one of the safest possible places to be. And while that’s true in some respects (you’re unlikely to be hit by a car in your living room), most homes harbor an array of toxic everyday products that can make people and pets sick.

Here are six simple steps you can take today to create a healthier home environment in the new year, so that everyone will literally breathe easier.

  • Read product labels with care. Look for “free of perfumes and dyes” when buying household cleaners and laundry detergents. A scent-free product will do the job just as well and not give off noxious vapors that will be inhaled or absorbed through your skin. Be aware that the fragrance-free version of conventional products can still have a strong smell due to the chemicals used to remove the fragrance! This is especially true of laundry products. Better: products from your natural foods store and from Impact Absorbents.

XSORB Xpress Universal Spill Kit provides everything you need to make household spill clean up a snap: safely and efficiently, in the cleanest, greenest way. And we’ve remembered your pets: XSORB Pet Clean-Up is a non-toxic, eco-friendly way to handle pet accidents while keeping both you and your furry friends safe from unwanted toxins.

  • Open windows daily. Unless you live by a freeway, the air inside where you live or work can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outdoors!
  • Clean the filters in your heating/air conditioning systems. Mold builds up in moist, damp places and can cause respiratory difficulties, allergies, and illness.
  • Skip the “faux fragrance”. Air “fresheners” (room deodorizers) mask odors by giving off a chemical scent. Instead, put out boxes of baking soda to absorb smells, or open a window.
  • Remodel wisely. Petroleum-based paints, synthetic carpet, varnishes, glues, etc., can give off vapors for months or even years, leading to a wide range of possible allergic reactions. Use plant- and water-based products, and consider consulting an environmentally aware architect/green builder. After you’ve finished using eco-friendly paint, dispose of what’s left safely, with Rock Solid Paint Solidifier.

Bring nature indoors. Houseplants help purify the air by giving off oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Some “natural air filters”: peace lily, spider plants, golden pothos, philodendron, and aloe vera.

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