How to Drum Up Spill Safety

Last month we wrote about how fall is the eating season, especially during the COVID era, when people are thrilled to be able to dine in restaurants again after 18 or more months of social isolation and non-home-cooked meal deprivation.

The feeding frenzy only accelerates in December, as people visit with family and friends near and far, imbibe various hot beverages, and enjoy drums. Drumsticks, that is. Turkey legs never run a-fowl of hungry guests. But we digress.

Since we’re in the spill containment and spill clean up business, all this talk about drums makes us think of drumming up support for spill safety. We have a lot of it to offer. And since drums can be used for transport, you see the relevance to winter travel. We’re not suggesting you stow away inside a salvage drum, however. That would be mighty uncomfortable.

But you can use our 95-gallon Salvage Drum with Metal Bold Band to rock a number of other needs. (We couldn’t resist using the word “rock”, since this drum comes with its own band…).

It’s ideal for storage, transportation, clean up and spill containment of larger containers. This high-density polyethylene salvage drum:

  • Meets 3-psi pressure test and has a closed cell foam gasket.
  • Is U.N.-certified to HM-181 1H2/X340/S
  • Meets DOT 49 CFR 173.3.
  • Dimensions: 44.5″ x 31″

Need something far smaller? Our 20-gallon Salvage Drum with Metal Band might be its offspring. And if you require a drum that’s more like a large bucket, we’ve got you covered here, too: a 6.5 gallon Poly Pail with Life-Latch Screw Top Lid. It’s a long name for a 4-pound spill containment solution that has myriad uses, around the workplace and around the house.

So however you roll this winter season, you can rock the spill containment drum solution you need with Impact Absorbents. Just give us a jingle or send an email, and we’ll talk turkey.

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