How to Get Great “Abs”

Crunches and sit-ups and planks, oh my! Along with a proper diet, these are some of the tried-and-true methods experts recommend if you want to develop a six-pack. Six-pack abs, that is.

And while sites such as this one can guide a determined exerciser to a leaner, meaner body, we have a much simpler suggestion for the best way to get great abs buy them from us!

Impact Absorbents takes the legwork and sweat out of sourcing super absorbent solutions. We’ve developed the body of research, the technology, and the testing the cardio and crunches, you might say so all that’s necessary for a business is choosing what type of “body” you plan to build with state-of-the-art absorbents: a retail store that’s prepared for any summer spill clean up need? An event center that intends to place spill caddies near all exits and other strategic locations in order to address spills the moment they happen? A marina that has extra bilge booms at the ready for absent-minded boaters?

You get the idea. While we can’t promise that Impact Absorbents products will give you the kind of physique that graces the covers of glossy magazines (they’re photo-shopped, anyway), we can promise to help make your company safer, better prepared for any spill emergency, and a hit with customers for your fast, effective spill clean up solutions.

So in this sense, you’ll always look abs-olutely sensational.


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