How to Make 2017 Safe and Healthy

It’s the classic New Year’s resolution: get healthier. Many people vow to join a gym, which they may virtuously do then fail to actually exercise on a consistent basis. The same holds true for healthy eating. Intentions are good, but “life” gets in the way.

We suggest a New Year’s resolution that’s easy to keep, and will make your entire business healthier, safer, and more efficient: Impact Absorbents’ spill clean up and spill containment products. What’s great about this resolution is, we do the heavy lifting (so to speak). Our environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art spill solutions save you time, energy, and labor, so your floors are quickly clean and dry, and your staff gets back to work instead of slogging buckets and mops around. That’s not why you hired them!

No matter what the situation, we’re prepared to clean up the spill faster and better than any other spill clean up product on the market today. One all-in-one solution you may want to keep on hand is the XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom, which is custom-made to hold our granular XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent. This Spill Station includes a rack, dustpan and brush set, disposal bags, pop-up safety cone, the XSORB six-quart bottle, and a long-handled broom. All clean up items are easily accessible, so your floors will be clean, dry and residue free in a matter of minutes. You’ll reduce slip and fall injuries, and cut labor costs by up to 70 percent. Best of all, XSORB is completely safe, for both your employees and the environment.

We appreciate how hard it can be to keep those healthy lifestyle resolutions over the long term. Fortunately, keeping your business safe and healthy is one resolution we make it easy for you to maintain, every day of the year. Happy 2017!


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