How to Put Out An Oil Fire

Quick, what’s the opposite of fire? Water, right? That’s why firefighters rush trucks bearing those long hoses and water to extinguish fires.

But oil fires require different handling. Water will only make an oil or grease fire worse! Some of the best advice is to smother the fire with the lid of a frying pan.

We have a much better (and safer) solution. Don’t let an oil fire happen in the first place.

Skeptical? Not if you invest in our Grease Catcher system.

With Impact Absorbents’ rooftop grease protection system you’ll never have to worry about an oil-based fire, because this lightweight, easy to use spill containment unit puts an end to dangerous roof FOG (fats, oil, and grease). And by containing all that cooking excess, Grease Catcher also protects drains.

The revolutionary Grease Catcher consists of hydrophobic, grease absorbing, fireproof pillows that adhere to EPA standards for absorbents. Once they capture grease and oils, they’ll neverleak, even in heavy rain.

And the Grease Catcher System is a snap to install: just follow the easy instructions, and soon your grease catcher pillows will be snuggled inside their grease catcher tray, an attractive and fully automatic spill containment alternative to haphazard rooftop storage.

So keep your eatery, staff, and customers safe this winter with the Grease Catcher. You may not be able to control the weather outside, but indoors, you’ll be able to put your frying pan lids to much better use than putting out an oil fire.

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