How to Skip the Slip

Prevention. Protection. Safety. Ease of use. Impact Absorbents’ watchwords also apply to the new Affordable Care Act (ACA), which seeks to protect Americans by preventing people from falling through the health insurance cracks.

While we can’t speak for how well the ACA programs will work, we can do our best to keep you from falling. Slip and fall claims cost American businesses an estimated $13 billion in 2012, according to figures gathered by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute and published in the 2012 Workplace Safety Index. That’s a staggering sum.

To help prevent slip-and-fall claims and keep your business sparkling, we recommend that you:

  • Retire the mops, rags and paper towels. Who wants to clean up an oily or sugary mess with inefficient tools? An XSORB Spill Station bundles everything you need for fast, effective, safe spill clean-up in one place. XSORB Universal Spill Clean-up Granular Absorbent is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry formula that solidifies the spill on contact, making it easy to simply sweep away with our long-handled broom or Super Squeeper. While other people are still down on all fours, with cones blocking off the area of the mishap, XSORB users are back at work, with a clean, dry floor that leaves no evidence of a recent spill.
  • Know Your Needs. We’re proud to offer the greenest, safest, most economical spill clean-up and spill containment products on the market today. And we believe in full disclosure. Please review our Product MSDS so you’ll be familiar with what you’re using in your company, hospital, school, or household.
  • Plan ahead. This time of year, especially, is more prone to potential biohazard spills in many industries. Be sure to stock up on our biohazard spill response products, such as Biofresh Disinfecting Super Absorbent or XSORB Biohazard Absorbent Response Kit with Facemask and Gloves. This way, if someone gets a little over-exuberant at a holiday party, you’ll be well prepared for the, um, outcome.

Be well, stay safe. Happy holidays!

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