How to Spell Our Name: X-S-O-R-B

You’ve probably searched yourself or your business on the Web at least once. It’s actually a good practice for any business, to ensure that you’re accurately represented online.

We were researching XSORB online the other day. And got an amusing surprise.

We discovered several products with similar-sounding names and spellings that have nothing to do with spill clean up or spill containment! These products are primarily in the medical field and someone’s innocent typing error, or autocorrect, could lead to puzzling results for business owners who didn’t know XSORB could be used as a wound dressing.

Let’s be very clear: it can’t. While XSORB products have a wide array of applications in many different industries, from marinas to schools to food service, hospitals to transportation to household, they’re never meant to be used on the body, or for any type of personal care, despite product names like socks and pillows.

So be sure to spell XSORB correctly when you’re seeking our spill clean up solutions online. Our products are designed to keep your business safe and dry, and eliminate spill clean up incidents in record time, greatly reducing slip and fall accidents. But if you or someone you work with should need medical attention, it’s time to bring out the first aid kit, or call 911.


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