How XSORB Creates Inner Peace

As the pace of life speeds up, we speed up right along with it, creating a breathless pace that can lead to exhaustion, burnout or illness. Yet in our frenetic business lives, we don’t usually realize what’s happening because we’re immersed in the change, like fish oblivious to water. Think about it: just a few short years ago, waiting several minutes for a web page to load via dial-up was the norm. Now that we’re exponentially more digitally adept, if a complex site doesn’t instantaneously display on our mobile device, we complain the technology is too slow.

The same is true of information overload. Our brains can barely retain all the usernames and passwords required to access what we seek, let alone process and store what’s truly important. It’s enough to make anyone want to meditate. And, indeed, businesses large and small have embraced meditation as a viable means of employee stress reduction, some large corporations even going so far as to set up quiet “meditation rooms” onsite.

Even for the understandably skeptical, the proof of efficacy is in the results: happier, healthier, more focused and productive employees and business leaders.

Though you may not know it, Impact Absorbents is also in the stress reduction business. Instead of meditation cushions or mantras, we use spill clean up and spill containment products. For instance: if your event center is concerned about cleaning up the mess concert goers tend to leave behind, simply place several XSORB Spill Caddy Kits in strategic locations on site. Each kit is a complete spill clean up solution, providing all the spill clean up products necessary to clean up 100 eight-ounce spills. That’s a lot of soda. The spill caddy kits were created as a way for your event center to keep all the items you need together in one location, without the risk of loss.

Worried about waterways? Keep watching your breath; we’ve got your marina covered, with 15 types of Oil Absorbent Spill Kits, as well as bilge booms, socks and pads.

Of course, summer dining means we’re prepared to help restaurants and other food service establishments maintain their calm center. An XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom is just the ticket, whether the peace disturbance is tinkling glass on the ground or syrup on the table. Want to be super prepared? We offer eight XSORB Spill Programs, one of which is sure to meet your needs.

Feel the change taking place in your mind and business? Ah, that’s better. With the Impact Absorbents family of products at your service, spill clean up is simply solved. Om

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