How’s Your Socks Life?

Socks. They come in all lengths and colors and sizes, and our toes wouldn’t be snuggly-warm and dry without them. So why should feet have all the fun? When it comes to spill containment, XSORB wants you to enjoy a happy socks life. That’s why we’ve created seventeen different types of absorbent socks: not for your feet, but for the beat: oil, coolant, solvent, water. You can even color-coordinate your socks. We offer Hazmat Yellow, Caution Orange, or Stain-Disguise Gray an industrial fashion statement unmatched in any field!

Our socks are prepared for every contingency. Absorbent socks absorb drips, overspray, seepage, leaks, drainage and spills the easy way. XSORB Universal absorbent socks will mold around barrels, crates, machinery or refrigeration units to trap leaks and drips, allowing time for more extensive handling. Convenient, lightweight and economical, they’re made of XSORB filling in a durable polypropylene sleeve.Best of all, like all signature XSORB products, our socks are non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-leaching, with the capacity to hold the absorbed liquid indefinitely. Few wool, cotton or synthetic blend foot socks can say that!

Similarly, our FiberDuck Oil absorbent socks and XSORB Select Oil absorbent socks absorb petroleum products right off the water’s surface. They’re a super choice in any marine environment, outdoors in other applications, or in the workplace. Oil-only absorbent socks are made of one hundred percent absorbent fiber filling encased in a durable polypropylene sleeve, and can be incinerated after use.

And if none of our standard socks meet your needs, Impact Absorbents will gladly develop a custom product to suit your application requirements. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to Best Management Practices and to your peace of mind.

So don’t let oil spills sock it to you. Simply stock up on absorbentsocks that ensure you’ll have a spill containment solution at your fingertips. With our socks your environment will always be clean, dry and well protected. And that’s no mean feat.

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