Human Lampposts: Spills Waiting to Happen

Music executive Simon Cowell recently revealed on The Ellen Show that he’ssurrendered his cell phone. He gave it up for good, and reports he feels so much more present and less distracted now.

It’s a worthwhile proposition. Although we don’t expect most people to be quite this willing to relinquish their device dependence, doing so would bode well for global alertness and safety. Not to mention fewer spill clean up emergencies.

We’ve experienced people busily texting almost plow right into us on the sidewalk, walking as though they’re human lampposts, incapable of altering their trajectory. We’ve also witnessed at least one phone fan carelessly knock over a store display. Spills are sure to follow.

When this happens, Impact Absorbents has the solution. Not confiscating their smartphones (though the idea appeals) but ensuring businesses are prepared for the inevitable spill clean up need that will ensue.

One excellent alternative to a mad dash for mop and bucket? AnXSORB Spill Station. In a grocery or retail environment, the Spill Station provides everything you need for immediate response. It can even be mounted on a wall or pole for the ease and convenience of your team members.

And XSORB isfast: a mop and bucket clean up typically takes several employees up to 20 minutes, and involves closing the aisle for clean up and drying time. That’s a lot of lost business. Paper towels, in turn, can require tow or three employees to mop up the mess, and the floor is likely to remain sticky. With an XSORB Spill Station, one team member can turn a spill into a clean and dry floor in about 90 seconds!

So in the digital age, be prepared with tried-and-true analog solutions that vanquish the spill every time. That’s the Impact Absorbents promise.

We’re not just phoning it in.

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