Hurricane Ivan oil leak continues despite environmental cleanup

The Skytruth environmental group estimates more than 100,000 gallons of oil leaked into the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Ivan, which struck Alabama and surrounding states in 2004. The U.S. Coast Guard had previously reported 12,720 gallons had leaked into the coast following the natural disaster despite the use of oil spill cleanup methods.

Coast Guard officials told Alabama Live the government agency had received information from Taylor Energy, the oil wells’ owner, after the disaster. The agency had followed reports from Taylor Energy, but not every notice was made available to the public.

Oil leak repair efforts require the use of high-quality absorbent devices. XSORB Oil Select Sock offers a reliable option for officials to use to eliminate any remaining residue. The oil spill cleanup product gives users the opportunity to utilize an EPA-approved agent to remove petroleum-based products in a marine environment. 

The 10-foot oil select sock features an absorbent solution wrapped in fiber that gives people an easy-to-use product. The item floats, repels water and can absorb four times its weight. Coast Guard officials can use the product in marine environments including waterways, ponds and boating areas to eliminate impurities. 

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