If It Suits You

The term “the suits” usually refers to high-powered executives in office buildings. But when Impact Absorbents refers to suits, we refer to another kind of power: spill clean up protection!

Before you attempt to work with hazardous products, protect yourself with our Tychem SL Coverall. It’s the ultimate hoodie: laminated fabric made with Dupont’s Tyvek spunbonded olefin and Dow Chemical’s Saranex 23-P film, with storm flap, elastic wrists and ankles to protect against a wide range of chemicals, and, of course, an attached hood.

Are you more of a collar person? No worries; we have a Tyvek Coverall with Collar to meet your needs. The collar, zipper and set-in sleeve feature superior barrier durability and breathability. This coverall is high-strength, comfortable, and extremely flexible.

Need even stronger hazmat protection? Try the Tychem BR Coverall, chemical protective clothing backed by extensive permeation data on over 200 nasty chemicals…including the ones with the reputation for being involved in most industrial or hazmat incidents. Superior tear puncture and abrasion resistance, plus enhanced comfort make these garments a dream to work in. Spill containment will be a snap in these or to be more accurate, a zipper.

Who knows, you just might start a new fashion trend this spring.


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