If You Don’t Stand for Something

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” This well-loved aphorism is variously attributed to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, to a British journalist by the same name, to actor Peter Marshall, and even to Martin Luther King, Jr.

When something is popular, whether it’s a slogan or a bestselling spill clean up solution, people want to take the credit for its creation. But just as a famous slogan originated with a single author, great spill innovations start somewhere, too. Like in the Tharps’ garage, back in 1992.

Making spills disappear in a jiffy, leaving floors sparkling clean and safe through the use of economical, ecological, leading-edge technology, is as uncommon today as it was then. Which is why our products are always in demand. Consider these facts:

XSORB Universal Spill Clean Uphas been sweeping away spills for 26 years this month. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it’s the dry formula that absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact, saving time, money and labor. Floors emerge completely dry and skid-free, preventing slips and falls. XSORB:

  • Is FDA-approved for use around food.
  • Absorbs 7.5 times more thantoxic clay.
  • Comes in a transparent bottle with an easy-grip handle.
  • Is the fast, safe, easy solution in lieu of messy, ineffective mops and rags, detergents and paper towels.
  • Absorbs an amazing amount: one 6-quart bottle will absorb five to six quarts of oil.How many rolls of paper towels would you need to clean up one and a half gallons of cooking oil? And what would the floor surface be like afterwards?
  • Works for a wide range of industries, from harbors and marinas to hospitals, schools to food service, event centers to municipalities, and much more.

We’re proud to stand for the pioneering spill clean up products in our field. We may not have been quoted throughout history, but the businesses that know us can quote their favorite Impact Absorbents products, chapter and verse.

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