Illinois group to discuss soil erosion prevention measures

The Yellow Creek Watershed Partnership (YCWP), a group created to improve the conditions at Illinois’ Yellow Creek, will meet April 11, 2012, to discuss erosion control products. The Journal-Standard reports the YCWP makes creek cleanup, soil erosion and water quality as the primary problems it hopes to address.

“It’s been a problem,” YCWP Vice President Joe Ginger told the news source. “The weather conditions have been significant and then you wind up with problems. The YCWP would like to participate in the problem solving.”

The group intends to find solutions to common problems that have impacted the area, and will work with local officials to find the best answers.

Government officials may seek affordable solutions to soil erosion problems, despite the fact that the issue can have dramatic effects. Thankfully, silt fencing provides a reliable option that people can use in a variety of environments. The product blends strength and UV resistance to limit erosion damage.

The fencing delivers hydraulic properties that make it ideal for use in sediment control. People can contain overland flow, separate suspended soil particles from water and prevent environmental damage to nearby areas with this product.

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