Impact on the Environment

Have you ever thought about where all that water on the street goes?  Unfortunately, most people don’t. For years, toxins have ended up in our drains and waterways, both intentionally and accidentally.  To halt this, the Clean Water Act was established in 1972. Now in 2010, the regulations have broadened and many are more defined as to specific toxins. Municipalities and businesses must now have a plan of action as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  A host of acronyms now exist for the plans like the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC), the Facility Response Plan (FRP), the Risk Management Plan (RMP), the Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP), and within each plan, a list of Best Management Practices (BMP) to be followed.   

 Having necessary spill supplies as part of a plan for when accidents happen can help avoid hefty fines and keep our waterways free of pollution.  To aid customers with their plans and implementation, Impact Absorbents offers a variety of spill kits that can be easily stored for emergency situations.  Storage drums containing hazardous materials can be topped with Impact’s Eco Friendly ColdForm Drum Pads and stabilized with our line of Spill Containment products.  Drains can be protected with the Ultra Drain Guard or our line of Drain Protectors.   Other key spill supplies for your plan are Absorbent Pads, Socks, and Booms. Let us help you be aware, be prepared, and make an Impact.

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