In A Fog? Try This.

If you’re feeling foggy these winter mornings, there are a couple of reasons this might be happening. One, your brain is so overloaded with digital input from the constant barrage of devices and media that you fear you’re losing your memory or that you left it back at the house under a pile of laundry. We sympathize. The other reason for feeling foggy may have to do with winter weather. In that case, we can help.

On foggy winter mornings, when sidewalks and streets are slippery and visibility can be reduced to near zero, it’s all too easy to misjudge traffic stopping distances and for your customers to potentially slip on slick floors.

Not good.

Fortunately, there are some simple remedies. Make pop-up cones an integral part of your spill response plan. Our hanging Pop-Up Safety Cones can be located nearly anywhere, making for fast retrieval. Each cone easily pops open into a 21 inch x 20 inch cone and in eye-popping colors from fluorescent yellow to sunset orange, they’ll be easy to spot, even if someone is walking around in a fog, glued to their mobile device.

Pop-up cones pair nicely with FiberLink Take Along Spill Squares, which are a little like having an attentive parent following your customers around, keeping the areas they walk through clean and gleaming. Small enough to fit in an employee’s pocket, Spill Squares are a universal polypropylene “just in time” spill clean up product.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed these days, especially in foggy weather. With these spill patrol products on hand, you can help foggy customers see a little more clearly!

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