In the Lab

Lab work. Does it conjure images of forceps and formaldehyde, as you attempt to eviscerate a small amphibian in order to accurately label its body parts for a good grade? Yes, that was high school. Fret not. This is the real world.

Forget about Bunsen burners or dissecting frogs; XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Labpack Spill Kits encompass a completely different definition of chemistry and biology: protecting you and those around you from dangerous spills and hazardous waste.

Whether your work involves construction sites, transportation centers or manufacturing facilities, loading docks and storage areas can be accidents waiting to happen. Yet they’re usually overlooked or given a cursory sweep when it comes to floor maintenance. Not a good combination.

That’s where our Outdoor All-Purpose Labpack Spill Kits and XSORB Universal Labpack Spill Kits come in. These labpacks include everything you need for fast, easy and effective spill clean up. Each kit is OSHA and U.N.-approved, of course, enabling your team to safely and rapidly remove the risk to anyone entering the area.

From a 25-pound bag of XSORB Outdoor to FiberLink Universal Absorbent Socks and Heavyweight Pads, personal safety gear and an Emergency Response Guidebook, we’ve got you covered.

Just don’t try wearing one of these labpacks on your back. Even though it seems like just yesterday, you’re not sixteen any more. Thank goodness.

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