Iowa farmer plants rye to eliminate erosion concerns

Iowa resident Steve Berger took an innovative route to reduce soil erosion at his farm by planting rye, Iowa Farmer Today reports. The solution helped Berger improve the quality of his crops and increase his farm’s water-holding capacity.

Berger, a farmer since the 1970s, told the news source his resolution has helped stabilize the farmland, enhancing the environment’s natural resources. Combining erosion control products and a clearly defined strategy could provide substantial benefits to Berger’s farm in the future.

Soil erosion continues to be a hazardous problem for many farmers nationwide. Not only does the issue limit the ability of farmers to plant crops, but erosion also can hinder growers’ livelihood, reducing their annual profits.

A straw wattle offers an effective solution to farmers, giving them the opportunity to eliminate long-term erosion issues. The product helps planters retain sediments on slopes to keep soil in place. Using the item prevents sediment blockage, ensuring land maintains its vast amount of natural resources. In addition, the straw wattles feature high-density netting equipped with UV inhibitors, providing a reliable solution for growers in various environments.

Improve the quality of crops with a straw wattle. 

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