It’s a dirty job…. but not with XSORB

My wife’s grandparents were a wonderfully energetic couple. They were also what we commonly refer to as hoarders and were quite the collectors of all the stereotypical 1950’s Modern Gadgets. They had every odd tool and kitchen device that Ronco had ever sold on those late night infomercials. So when my wife’s granddad passed away and we inherited the family camper, we had our hands full with unique, interesting, and otherwise useless do-dads. I decided to restore the old camper and started by removing most of the outdated items that were inside.

There were lots and lots of odd things in there but when I had to remove the porta-potty I was at a loss. I had no idea how to get rid of one of these. I was really hoping it was empty… but it wasn’t, it was full of that nasty blue liquid. I could not just throw it away or donate it. I figured that I would have to get rid of the contents somehow but did not want to pour it down the drain in my house. I decided to use some XSORB absorbent and simply solidify the liquid and then dispose of it in the trash. Fortunately when I opened the porta-potty to look inside, it turned out that it had never been used and was simply set up and ready to go, so to speak. So now my job wasn’t going to be quite as unpleasant as I thought it would be. I poured in the XSORB, solidified the liquid, dumped the dry material in the trash, and then took the old unit to the nearest disposal site. Problem solved.

Thank goodness for XSORB because plan B was to put it in the garden and make a planter out of it.

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