It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas NOT

U.S. drivers wasted 2.9 billion gallons of fuel idling in traffic in 2011, reported AAA magazine in May 2013. That startling statistic didn’t mention anything about spills or leaks, but we’re willing to bet at least some of these drivers experienced one of the two, burning up all that blacktop. Actress Tori Spelling, for instance, posted on Instagram earlier this year, “4 kids. 1 dog. I car leaking gas broken down on the side of the road = not a great road trip.”

Clearly, oil and gas problems are not confined to shortages. And with summer travelers burning up the blacktop, it’s more important than ever to be ready for contingencies.

XSORB’s portable oil spill clean up solutions make being on the road a more reassuring experience. Whether you’re in the transportation industry professionally (or just feel that way, with endless carpooling for the kids), XSORB’s Xpress Oil Absorbent Spill Kit is a practical traveling companion, providing convenient, effective and economical oil spill clean up response on the spot.

Designed to fit under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state laws, our oil absorbent solution is hydrophobic and oleophilic. Each portable spill kit contains a two-pound bag of XSORB Oil Absorbent, three FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Socks, ten FiberDuck Heavyweight Oil Absorbent Pads, disposal bags, protective gloves, goggles and a safety mask.

And because the Impact Absorbents team has children, we know how important it is to be able to do double- or triple duty. Your vehicle may not have any leaks but one of the kids might need to relieve an over-full tummy. Which is when those disposal bags, gloves and mask could come in especially handy. Just be sure you pack a canister of Biofresh, too in case you don’t make it to a pit stop in time.

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