It’s Only Eco-Logical, Captain

That may not be exactly what Mr. Spock used to say to Captain Kirk aboard the original Starship Enterprise. Environmental preservation wasn’t a strong focus yet in the 1960s … then again, Star Trek took place in the 23rd century, so by then, the term “eco” should’ve been ingrained in the language. Then again, this was outer space, the final frontier, not Earth, so perhaps there was less space debris to clean up. But we digress.

Here on terra firma, Impact Absorbents is a pioneer in ecological spill clean up and spill containment solutions. A growing number of our products in every spill clean up category have earned the ECOLOGO Certification, a multi-attribute, life cycle-based environmental certification that indicates a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing to certify its reduced environmental impact.

Some of our ECOLOGO Spill Heroes include:

So whether you’re running a business here on the ground or contemplating a trip on SpaceX, Impact Absorbents has you covered for spill clean up, on this or any planet where spills are likely to occur.


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