It’s Storm Season Are You Prepared?

Natural disasters are a media mainstay: a hurricane here, a tsunami there, a blizzard on the East coast, an earthquake on the West Preparedness has never been more important. And Impact Absorbents is ready to help you absorb the impact of whatever type of weather affects your area. To manage and control sediment, debris and hydrocarbon sheen in storm water runoff, order a case of orange gravel bags. These environmental spill containment products are 3-ply, easy to fill and maintenance free! They stay perfectly in place when wedged against a road curb and are tough enough to withstand multiple impacts. Another excellent way to keep sediment and other pollutants from entering the water system is Ultra DrainGuard with catch basin inserts. Ultra-Drain Guard removes waste from storm water before it can become a problem in the water system. This product exceeds 80 percent sediment removal efficiency. You can uplevel your environmental efficacy by using Ultra DrainGuard Recycled. Like Nature herself, this superior technology can be used repeatedly with the same effectiveness. So you save both the environment and money. Municipalities with steep sloping areas will want to rely on Straw Wattles for erosion control. These economical wattles reduce soil erosion and retain sediments on slopes to keep soil in place, and around drain inlets to prevent sediment blockage. The wattles are 100 percent California rice straw, and the netting is high-density polyethylene and ethyl vinyl acetate with UV inhibitors. Finally, consider doing a stake out. No, not the kind on TV. We mean using wood stakes for anchoring erosion control booms. Wood stakes and sod staples allow your erosion control products to be more effective, and also help you meet Best Management Practices. However Nature decides to express herself this winter, you’ll be able to protect your business, property, municipality, marina or other environment with these superior spill containment products that ensure safety for you and the environment.

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