January’s Invitation

January is named for Janus, the guardian of gates, doorways, time, and transitions in Roman mythology. So it’s an excellent month to consider how you want to orient your business for 2019.

According to theNational Day Calendar, January isNational Mentoring Month, inaugurated byThe Harvard School of Public Health and The National Mentoring Partnership in 2002. It might be an auspicious month toteach kids about spill clean up.

Here are four January highlights that can serve as talking points and action opportunities with your clients and prospects:

When it comes to spill containment and spill clean up, we need to put down the phone and pick up a smart spill solution. Not a mop and bucket. Not paper towels. The eco-aware, effortlessly effective, economical, and efficient spill and safety products pioneered by Impact Absorbents.

  • January 19: National Get to Know Your Customers Day(third Thursday of each quarter). A perfect reason to throw a New Year’s open house for clients, past and present, as well as prospects and associates. Ask your current clients to invite their friends, and keep the open house low-key: a friendly social with healthy snacks and beverages.

Have brochures and business cards available (along with a 6-quart bottle ofXSORB UniversalSpill Clean Up, for those inevitable spills), and collect the names and contact information of those to whom you’re introduced. Next week’s outreach will have more warm leads!

  • January 23: National Pie Day. While the calendar is replete with food-related holidays, both official and unofficial, National Pie Day is especially enjoyable because many businesses offer free or discounted pies on January 23rd.

If you didn’t hold an open house for Get to Know Your Customers Day, this is another delicious opportunity to connect. Encourage people to bring and share recipes as well as home-baked goodies. And yes, be sure to have the appropriate spill clean up supplies on hand.

It’s going to come in handy as you mentor them in spill prevention and clean up.

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