Just Say No, And Stay Safe

Several presidencies ago, the First Lady launched a memorable campaign about how people should respond when offered drugs: Just say no! If you have an iron will, this works. Maybe.

When it comes to spill clean up, however, it’s easier to just say no, because we offer an alternative to which it’s easy to say yes: XSORB. So let’s review:

First, the basics: XSORB Universal Super Absorbent Spill Clean-Up is a non-toxic natural blend of siliceous minerals and other inert ingredients that are combined, in a manufacturing process, to make the most impressive absorbent available on the market today. Our flagship product is an environmentally friendly dry formula that absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep away spills.

It’s also one of many Impact Absorbents products that have received Ecologo certification from UL. Ecologo criteria have been devised with the goal to identify the top overall environmental performers on the market. These best performers have demonstrated that, compared to others on the market, they have an overall reduced potential burden on the environment per unit of production.

Now for the “No” list: 

  • Does XSORB contain any carcinogens?

    • NO
  • Is XSORB toxic?

    • NO. It is non-hazardous and safe for humans, plants, and animals. 
  • Is XSORB biodegradable?

    • NO. This is one of the rare instances when biodegradability is NOT good for the planet. As required by Federal Law, only NON-biodegradable absorbents can be disposed of in landfills when they contain toxic and/or hazardous materials. This is vital in order to protect our precious ground water and eco-system.
  • Is XSORB flammable?

    • NO, XSORB is not flammable. It has no BTU value. However, the liquid absorbed may be flammable, and, in that case, proper precautions should be taken. XSORB will not burn, but it can be incinerated. At 2000° F, it will reduce to 20% of its original volume. XSORB turns to a sand-like substance and can be easily disposed.
  • Is XSORB dangerous if inhaled?

    • NO. There is no known hazard from a coincidental inhalation when XSORB is used. Of course, dust, of any sort, should not be inhaled. If a high concentration of particles become airborne, or in cases of sensitivity to non-hazardous dust, we recommend wearing a dust mask.

There you have it: just say NO to cumbersome or toxic spill clean up methods, and choose the solution that works for your business, your people, your planet. Who knows, one day we may even get a FLOTUS seal of approval.

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