Keep It Clean: Spill Clean Up After the Flood

January was like living in the time of Noah. Californians could have used an ark to ride out the relentless storms. Known scientifically as an “atmospheric river“, the endless rain flooded streams, overflowed riverbanks, buckled highways, and toppled countless trees. Many people had to evacuate their homes and businesses.

Now it’s clean up time. What to do?

While Impact Absorbents products are designed for spill containment and useful on waterways, they aren’t usually called upon to clean up spills of biblical proportions. But we can still take on the challenge.

If you’re digging out your business and need to sop up a lot of water and debris, our FiberLink Universal Spill Kits can be one good solution. They’re useful for water- or oil-based spills, and available in a wide range of sizes to suit every need, from 5 gallons to 95 gallons.

Each kit contains:

  • FiberLink Socks
  • Absorbent Pillows
  • Fiberlink Pads
  • Disposal Bags
  • PPE

Or perhaps you need absorbent padding to put down on waterlogged flooring throughout the space. Our FiberLink Universal Absorbent Pads could be a good choice here.

Like FiberLink Socks, our Universal Absorbent Pads absorb both oil- and water-based liquids. They’re available in three different thicknesses, so you choose the absorbency and durability that fits your specific needs: lightweight for everyday spills, medium weight when you need more absorbency, and heavyweight to meet the toughest demands. Maybe we need to create a Flood category as well.

No doubt it’s been a soggy introduction to the new year for so many. But look on the bright side: you won’t have to water the lawn for many, many moons. If you still have a lawn.

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