Keep your pet shop up to code with XSORB Pet Accident Clean-Up

Pet shop owners follow strict laws as to prevent any in-house disasters from affecting the health of their animals. There are expansive Pet Shop Laws that have been established to protect housed animals from being poorly treated while they are in their crates waiting to be sold. Today, 21 states require proper sanitation for the animals housed in pet shop facilities. These provisions specify the quality of food and water that is provided, which can often be contaminated if their crates are not regularly cleaned.

Customers who enter pet shops looking for new family members are immediately turned off if the facility is kept in poor shape and smells bad. Pet shop owners need a product that will help them remedy smells, as well as keep the shop up to code.

XSORB Pet Accident Clean-Up is an absorbent 1-liter bag that sweeps away pet accidents and deodorizes living spaces. When the animals relieve themselves while contained in their crates, the mess they create can contaminate the water supply or food, which would violate code. Shop owners can avoid being cited with a violation and improve the quality of life for their animals with XSORB Pet Accident Clean-Up. 

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