Keeping Hospitals Healthy and Safe

Summer adventures sometimes lead to minor emergencies, and when they do, the Emergency Room is your best friend. The medical crew will be there to soothe, staunch and stitch as necessary. But who takes care of the hospital’s health needs, especially when fluids on the floor can post a serious hazard?

We understand spill clean up and spill containment in a medical setting, which is critical for both staff efficiency and patient safety. Our XSORB II Disinfecting Encapsulator Bottle instantly contains, absorbs and disinfects liquids, absorbing tough spills such as blood and other biologically hazardous waste while treating the spill with bromine, a powerful, non-leaching disinfecting agent. Liquid waste quickly becomes solid waste for easier disposal.

For the diagnostics lab, XSORB’s Biohazard Absorbent Response Case is an ideal solution: a compact, wall-mountable, economical and fully OSHA-compliant spill containment kit that includes a facemask with eyeshield, XSORB II Super Absorbent with Disinfectant, antiseptic towelettes and a disinfectant wipe, high risk protective gloves, plastic scrapers, a biohazard disposal bag and a standard disposal bag.

The maintenance crew can also keep a bottle of Biofresh on hand as a smaller, portable version of XSORB II. A canister of Biofresh is about the size of a canister of bathroom cleanser yet much more effective for hospital spill clean up.

So while doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel are busy saving limbs and lives, XSORB helps out behind the scenes. Spill response crews may be less visible, but they’re no less vital to creating healthier hospitals and happier patients and staff.

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