Koans Or Cones?

Some of the great wisdom of the ages has been delivered in the form of parables or koans: Zen riddles intended to still the mind. And some businesses manage their spill cleanup with koan-like philosophy: “What is the sound of spills happening?”

Unfortunately, it’s their employees who must answer this inquiry, often with ineffectual buckets and mops when they could be using effective, efficient methods such as XSORB Universal Spill Cleanup.

One necessity for any type of spill situation is the cone. While it may be very Zen-like to place cones strategically around the spill containment effort underway to avoid accidents, XSORB pop-up cones are designed to alert the mind to danger.

When your staff places neon orange or bright yellow cones on the floor to sequester a spill cleanup in progress, there will be no doubt that the guru of spill containment, Impact Absorbents, is on the job protecting your customers from wandering into a slippery situation while pondering the meaning of life, or perhaps while engrossed in that other definition of cone: a cylindrical wafer-like object used to hold ice cream. Which can definitely make the mind one-pointed, especially if you’re five years old.

So whether you venture to distant mountaintops in search of ancient secrets or prefer swinging gently in a hammock in your own backyard, know that our cones can help you stay focused on the other type of koans, by keeping you safe from slip-ups and other distractions on life’s awakening path.


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